Best Tenant Screening Tips for Your Redmond, WA Rental Property

We have screened a lot of tenants over the years, and we want to share some of our most successful techniques so you can save time and manage a more effective tenant screening process as a landlord. There are five questions that we’ll always ask when someone calls to inquire about a vacancy. This is part of our pre-screening process to establish whether or not we want to show them the property. [Read more…]

Should I Sell or Rent my Home When I Relocate? Kirkland, WA Property Management Advice

When people are moving out of state, they often ask if they should hold onto their property and turn it into a rental home. I get asked this question about three or four times a year, and I thought it would be a good idea to explain why I usually encourage people to keep their home and turn it into a rental. [Read more…]

Best Tips for Handling Delinquent Rent Payments – Advice for Landlords in Kirkland, WA

We have a series of steps that landlords in the Kirkland Redmond area can take when they’re handling delinquent rent payments. It starts with tenant communication and ends with eviction, but a lot of things can happen in between. If your tenant is late paying rent, follow these tips. [Read more…]

8 Things Every Lease Agreement Should Cover – Property Management in Redmond, WA

Every lease agreement will have standard clauses and include information such as how much rent must be paid, when it’s due and whether tenants can have pets. Since we are talking about lease agreements, we want to share a few of the things we include that are also important. [Read more…]

Why Choose Windermere Gregory Property Management in Kirkland, WA

Investors and owners looking for a Kirkland area property management company have several choices. There are a handful of duties that most companies do the same, so today we’re pointing out a couple of things that we do differently at Windermere Gregory Property Management in. These are the things that make us your best choice. [Read more…]