What does the Landlord have to repair ?

Unfortunately, the law is not specific enough to cover everything. We know that the heating, plumbing, cooking, refrigerator must be fixed promptly, but what about the bedroom door that doesn’t close properly, the sagging gate in the back yard, or the big air gap under the front door ? You don’t have to fix the bedroom door or the sagging gate, but you should make a repair to the front door as the law requires us to keep the property reasonably weather tight. Of course, as a good Property Manager, we will take a look at the bedroom door and the gate and if it appears to be normal wear and tear, we ask the owner to allow us to make a repair. If it appears that the tenants have caused the damage, we will offer to repair it at their expense, otherwise, it will not be repaired and the law does not require it. Most times, a questionable $75 dollar repair will go a long way with a good tenant.